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Your best choice for UK manufactured private label food supplements, vitamins, minerals and more. Supplying both small and large clients, we have a very wide range of stock formulas ready to expand your supplements brand. Hundreds of tried and tested formulas (and growing), continually refined and fine-tuned, covering a wide range health and beauty demands.

About Private Label Supplements UK has been offering customers private label supplements (as well as branded, white label and custom manufacturing) since it's inception in 2005. We are independent manufacturing sales representatives for several major UK food supplements manufacturers, and so are able to negotiate the best pricing for the products you need private labelled.

Private Label Supplements - Supplements Range and Options

Private Label Capsules, Tablets and Powders. Our wide choice of products include capsules (Gelatin and HPMC), tablets and powders, all available for packaging as you wish. While our lower MOQ products may only be available as standard in one form only (cap or tab), we can custom manufacture capsules and tablets with the lowest MOQ in the industry of only 20,000 caps/tabs, with a comprehensive range of shapes and sizes available. We have hundreds of stock formulations ready to make up for you!

Private Label Supplements - Packaging and Label Options

Private Label Packaging. Want to guarantee easy delivery to your customers and at the same time save postage costs ... then use our flat postal bottles only 22mm thick. Will your product need to stack on a shelf, then use one of the many round bottles that we offer, white, coloured, transparent, ambers. Need cheap affordable packaging, then use our foil pouches.

Private Label Supplements - Frequently asked questions

Private Label Supplements UK FAQ. Answers to your private label supplement questions


Food Supplement Labelling -

Getting Your Food Supplement Label Right (and legal!) Are your supplement labels fully compliant with the latest UK/EU regulations?
About to launch a new supplement and need guidance on what you can and cannot have on your label? It can be confusing when putting together a food supplement label.

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